“We are committed to equip at risk youth with life skills, confidence, and knowledge of self; through sports and mentorship programs”.



Antwi Atuahene – Co-Founder & President

“Many people have asked me how did we make this possible, I tell them… everything is possible as long as you Stay The Course”.

Clive C. Williams – Co-Founder  & Executive Vice President

“Before we got started we had a dream and a desire, which made this all possible. Now we have a desire to dream…see what comes next.”

We are committed to providing student-athletes with elite basketball training, life skills, and academic development. Our Unique programming is tailored to maximize the potential of our members to successfully transition to the next level.
To create opportunities for our members to maximize their potential through unique programming. We are dedicated to building a culture that gives our student-athletes the ability to own their future


YRU Training

Training individuals or groups from 13 yrs old to pro basketball players… Learn More

YRU Sport Science

Training groups from 13 years old to professional basketball players… Learn More

YRU Events

Community based Basketball  Tournaments, Allstar games, and Showcases… Learn More

YRU Academy

YRU Academy is a functional scholastic and academic program… Learn More

” …If one kid can leave here with some of the information I give him …I’m happy.”

∼ Antwi Atuahene